Guilty as charged
  1. People are more afraid of catching feelings than STDs
    Don't ever be the first one to say you care. Or just sleep with people you hate.
  2. Treating people like they're disposable because of easy access to other options
    Left swipes fo dayz.
  3. Compulsive first dates
    Can't stop. Won't stop. No time to actually feel someone out for more than a couple hours.
  4. Being into an idea of a person before you even know who they are.
    Slow your roll. This person is probably nothing like you imagine. And no one wants to be on your pedestal.
  5. Letting things fizzle out.
    We're all too busy for second dates and prolonged conversations. Nothing comes easy, but let's pretend love does.
  6. Continuing to go on dates with people who are terrible for you.
    But the attraction though. Amirite?
  7. No one interacts in public anymore
    Our faces are always jammed into our phones. A bunch of asshole on tinder ignoring the people around us. Or worse yet playing Pokemon Go.
  8. We're self absorbed
    I'm torn on this one. I selfishly love being single on so many levels. I come first and that shit is magic. I imagine many people love that freedom too. A generation of commitment phobes.
  9. We're too busy to find someone or keep someone around.
    Everyone works two jobs or 60 hours. I ain't got time for you. I'm exhausted just thinking about planning a date. And you want my time? That shit's precious.