To let them effect or not let them effect you. That is the question.
  1. Slow people
    And late people. And people having no regard for other's time.
  2. The lack of ability to control your emotions
    It was annoying when you were a kid and it's most definitely no cuter now. Aggressiveness, temper flares, fits of frustration before any thoughts have been processed... biggest turn off.
  3. Wet paper
    Not paper towels. Just paper products that aren't supposed to touch water (e.g. Straw wrappers, thin/cheap toilette paper, etc.)
  4. Stickers
    Or tape, or anything that is sticky and not durable (i.e. Duct tape is thick enough that it can't get stuck in your hair without you noticing— so it goes under the pet peeve radar.)
  5. People that make everything about them
    Let people tell their stories as the opportunity comes to them. Your time will come too. Until then, sit tight and keep your narcissism to yourself.
  6. The noise old people make with their mouths
    I know one day I'll probably be there too. Dry mouthed and toothless. But I do loath the sucking-like noise old people's mouths make while eating (or not eating).
  7. Inside jokes
    Nobody that wasn't there cares. Quite frankly we feel awkward while politely laughing along with you.
  8. Frauds and Francophiles
    Why would anyone ever try to be anything they're not in order to impress someone else. The only thing that your flashy photos on Instagram show me are that you're quick with a caption and fancy with filters. Be humble and true to yourself and nobody will get hurt. Ps we're not impressed my your semester abroad. Join the club, or would you rather have a cookie.