Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. Friend Request
    I got a friend request from someone with the same name as me, and I was considering a hilarious tweet about it. I never got around to it.
  2. Being bitchy
    I took a screenshot of this to send to Abbie and be like "Who is Zoe Vaughan and why is she trying to claim my grandad as her husband's??"
  3. All You Need is Love
    Another screenshot for some kind of clever tweet that never materialised.
  4. Awkward
    I wish I was better at hand lettering, but I'm not, so I sometimes screenshot other people's work to copy.
  5. Simon Mayo
    Watching the Wittertainment live stream. No particular reason for this one, just because.
  6. The Fug Girls regularly make me laugh out loud.
  7. The best email that I ever sent to Wittertainment that never got read out.