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We're entering a very important phase in the political calendar and like every American out there I can't peel my eyes away!
  1. Let's start with Mr. Trump
    What a loser
  2. Loooool jk I don't care about politics
  3. Especially American politics
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It can be tough for today's youth to fully appreciate the value in saving for long term expenses, here's some tips to make it easier for you.
  1. Don't spend your money
    This one is pretty basic but someone had to say it. It's a simple principle to understand. Don't spend and by default you have more money.
  2. Save your money
    It might seem complex at first but trust me you'll eventually understand it after years of study. If you want more money simply put it in the bank until you die. This is a surefire to make sure you die a wealthy person.
  3. You're done!
    Yes that is it. A lot of new information can be overwhelming but I assure you that with practice you can master these principles that I have spent decades perfecting. If you still have issue consider investing in my Financial fundamentals kit for the ridiculous low price of $299 per month.
  4. All the best now go make money!
Here are the places I've enjoyed the most in the last 65.87 years as a global tourist on this gorgeous blue and green planet 😇😇
  1. London, Ontario
    All the hustle and bustle of Toronto and all the peace and serenity of Hawaii. The perfect mix of metropolis and solitude.
  2. Lobo, Ontario
    Everything London has but even smaller and more quaint. Time almost seems to move slower in Lobo. Talk about a real vacation.
  3. Lucan, Ontario
    Everything Lobo has but even smaller and more quaint. Time almost seems to move slower in Lucan. Talk about a real vacation.
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This may not be true for you but it is true for me tehehehe 😋
  1. Watching tv
    Who doesn't love a good TV show eh? There is so much to choose from in this day and age it truly is remarkable how far technology and TV programming has come omg it's so cool I love TV yaaaaay
  2. Watching netflix
    Let's be real here listers there is totally a difference between TV and Netflix 😉 yes it the same TV shows on TV but hey you get 24/7 access from wherever whenever!!
  3. Watching cravetv
    Let's be real here listers there is a difference between TV, Netflix and cravetv!! 😜😜 we all know that one streaming service just isn't enough loool
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You all know me as a top class lister here on da list app eh baby I'm numba waaaan watch out for me!
  1. Good days
    We kan all benifit from a gud day of relaxation from Tim to Tim
  2. Food days
    We kan all benifit from a gud day of food from Tim to Tim ya know?
  3. Fried eggs
    We all kno what gets the boys up in da mornin rite gurls?
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  1. 1.
    Sid Lowe
  2. 2.
    Craig Burley
  3. 3.
    Phil Kitro
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Eh yo watchi doin doe bro?!?!
  1. 1.
    Tehehehe u soack a loot
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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  1. 1.
    Real Madrid
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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  1. 1.
    Double Pivot
  2. 2.
    False 9
  3. 3.
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