Stop it forever
  1. Aggressively uneducated individual
  2. Terrible sense of humour
  3. Probably gets offended at "white people jokes" but then makes racist jokes and tells people to "chill it was just a joke"
  4. Doesn't know what sex feels like
  5. Cries in the shower
  6. Parents hate him
  7. If he has a dog, his dog hates him
  8. I hate him
  9. Loves himself way too much
  10. Takes mirror selfies with shirt off and makes it linked in profile pic
  11. Has pornhub bookmarked
  12. Doesn't know what a book is
  13. Thinks white men receive too much backlash
  14. Has a tattoo of a misspelled quote
  15. Thinks guns are cool
  16. Sends out unsolicited dick pics
  17. Is just an overall garbage human