Spoiler alerts, I guess
  1. Lexie Grey - Grey's Anatomy
    This was the saddest death on greys, and I know everyone's like "Derek's was the saddest!" He's still up there but Lexie was CRUSHED by a PLANE like come on. That is brutal. The only good thing is she died happy because Mark finally told her how he really felt about her... Still pissed though
  2. Mufasa - The Lion King
    What kind of bullshit was this, all this taught me is never trust ANYONE, especially family
  3. Ellie - UP
    LIKE?!? How is this a children's movie.. A
  4. Maximus - Gladiator
    Ommmmmg, this was fucking moving. He was a beautiful man and so dope and remember when he cut the one guy's head off with the two swords? That was cool. Anyway, this was bittersweet because he died which sucked but he was reunited with his fam
  5. Coral and all the other fish babies other than Nemo - Finding Nemo
    What is up with these animated movies....
  6. Sirius Black - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    The way the bitch laughed after she killed Sirius, omg I was GENUINELY angry. Like talking to the tv angry. I was all, "who the hell would do that, why would anyone laugh after killing a man, this movie is officially FUCKED", as if I didn't know it was just a movie...but you know what? In that moment, I didn't.
  7. Jack Wilder - Now You See Me
    This one is a trick because he didn't actually die, but when they pretended he died I was livid. I almost walked out of the movie theatre. This one is not all that sad but my love for Dave Franco really can't control itself so it's on the list