I usually order the same thing at fast food places n shit, this is how I do it 🤘🏻
  1. Subway
    6 (or 12 if I'm feelin nasty) inch turkey sub on Italian herbs and cheese bread, toasted with cheddar... (Waiting for the sub to come out of the toaster)... Lettuce, green peppers, pickles, all of the chipotle sauce and sub sauce
  2. Johnny Fresco's (only in Waterloo, a gem if I may say)
    Crispy chicken on a whole wheat pita, lettuce, green peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, croutons, all of the chipotle sauce and Johnny's chicken sauce (sound a little familiar?)
  3. Tim Hortons
    Either an everything bagel toasted with garlic cream cheese OR a turkey bacon club with ranch sauce instead of honey mustard, and a tea, usually earl grey
  4. Pizza Pizza
    Canadian slice with garlic dip - OH YEAH
  5. Wild Wing
    Not fast food, and I don't always order the same thing but I have 2 top orders - boneless sweet escape with gar par dip(holy F, IT IS GOOD) OR boneless Bonnie and Clyde with gar par dip (also a winner)
  6. Canton Chilli
    If I feel like really letting myself go, General Tao's chicken on chow mein noodles. If I want to be a regular contributing citizen and order an item that's actually on the menu, chicken chow mein.
  7. Any Bar Ever
    "What's your cheapest drink?"