1. A - apples
    Obviously this has been embedded into my brain from elementary school or something
  2. B - Beyoncé
  3. C - feline
  4. D - the D
    Dick, let's be real
  5. E - Sesame Street
  6. F - the f word
    Frozen... Like in those knorr frozen entrees commercials... You're terrible.
  7. G - g unit
    I miss them, I heard they're doing things again
  8. H - hell
    See u there
  9. I - Ivana 💃🏼
  10. J - jello recipes from the 60's like this one
  11. K - cartwheels
    It looks like a person about to do a cartwheel
  12. L - a bench
  13. M - the monkey from dexters laboratory
  14. N - I don't want no scrubs
  15. O - a doughnut
    Now I want a doughnut
  16. P - pee
  17. Q - literally nothing, this letter is almost irrelevant
  18. R - pirates
  19. S - obviously a hook that attaches a chain to a cauldron
  20. T - this is getting boring
  21. U - a U
    Can you tell I've stopped trying
  22. V - that one movie
    You know what I'm talking about
  23. W - if there was a sequel to that one movie
  24. X - xylophone
    Another childhood memory
  25. Y - a e i o u and sometimes y
    because y has commitment issues and all your friends are judging you for staying with him through his bullshit but you think he's the one even though you basically hate him most of the time, but then once in a while he's a good guy so you feel like "maybe I should just stick it out" - you shouldn't
  26. Z - that machine that cleans the ice during skating breaks and hockey game breaks (whatever those are called)
    Idk how to spell it