These were names that I suggested that my Star Wars trivia team rejected
  1. Ackbar Gettin' Turnt in the Trap
    Yeah this was wordy but it is fun! DAB
  2. Ewok of Shame
    Ewok and Roll is too obvious and we are not a team of dads
  3. Kashyyyk and Destroy
    Too things I love. When Metallica was Thrash and Chewbacca.
  4. Young, Dumb, and full of Rebel Scum
    This was my favorite for obvious reasons
  5. Hot Cup of Jabba
    This would have been good if we were playing at a coffee place or if we were all baristas.
  6. Porkins Forever
  7. Empire Strikes Back State of Mind
    For fans of wordy team names and Jay-Z/Alicia keys
  8. 7 inch Dak
  9. 12 inch Dak
    I liked this one better. Regardless of the name we fucking won and beat a guy drinking wine and eating Girl Scout cookies by himself. Take that "Hoth is Cold" (that name fucking sucks btw)