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  1. This one
  2. This other one
    Why is the cat judging your grammar? Do cats care about that kind of stuff?
  3. Wouldn't we all?
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These snacks make up the bulk of my luggage when I return from a trip to the Motherland.
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Čoko bananica
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A list inspired by the two words that definitely should not be spoken together:
  1. President Trump
  2. Diet bacon
  3. Zombie buffet
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So I started watching downton abbey again and guess what, there are a ton of people on the show I totally forgot about.
  1. Mr. Daredevil (Charlie Cox)
    And he kissed Barrow!!!
  2. Igritte of the Wildlings (Rose Leslie)
    Well she made an appearance in the last season, so maybe you do remember her.
  3. Ser Jorah (Iein Glen)
    Another GoT regular was once engaged to Lady Mary.
  4. Mosley
    Jk. Love you, Mr. Mosley
In order of preference. But I really like them all.
  1. 1.
    Mike Yard
  2. 2.
    Grace Parra
  3. 3.
    Robin Thede
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To all you sxsw-ers coming to our charming little town, here's a few suggestions to make your week/s better.
  1. Breakfast
    It's the most important meal you'll have in Austin because breakfast tacos. You can get them pretty much anywhere. Taco deli, Torchy's, Fresa's, Taco Joint, Tyson's Tacos...you can't go wrong
  2. Lunch
    Make sure to eat some queso. Kerby Lane queso is legendary. Tacoba is another great lunch spot. Quickie Pickie, Guerros, Burro, Whip In, Veracruz, all great.
  3. Not even gonna touch bbq. Too many options, too many opinions
    You're on your own. But Micklethewait will make a vegetarian think twice.
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  1. Vanishing twin
  2. Loincloth pocket
  3. Whisper scream
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My first list, inspired by a meeting I'm in
  1. Pretend to take notes
  2. Pet dogs, if there are any in attendance
  3. Sing in my head
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