Fall can be a great time of year but there are some drawbacks that sometimes aren't touched on!
  1. Pumpkin spice lattes
    All about that pumpkin but not a coffee fan
  2. Halloween
    Loved it as a kid but can't imagine dressing up and knocking on a stranger's door asking for candy then stuffing my face for the next week. Also hate being scared so there's that.
  3. Sweaters
    Okay fine- totally into those knit, comfy, oversized sweaters. But it means that it's chilly enough to need one and THAT is heartbreaking 💔
  4. Turkey Day
    Don't get me wrong- I LOVE Thanksgiving. But do you know how many turkeys are murdered for people to stuff their face, gain 10 pounds, blow up, and then go into a coma?!
  5. Sales
    Black Friday is dangerous people! People wake up at the ass crack of dawn, wait by the doors, and when the doors creak open people knock each other over, turn into freaking ANIMALS, and run to get their TVs. People spend wayy more than they normally would because they think they are getting a good deal.
  6. Scarves
    Using scarves as accessories are fine. Wear your infinity scarf- it's probably super cute. BUT fashion scarves lead to needing scarves for warmth which leads to gloves and ear muffs and coats. And removing one of those items means you will get frostbit and freeze to death 😢