1. Juicing
    Whether it's green, orange, pink, or purple I love them all
  2. Consistent moderate exercise
    Room workouts (running in place, squats, lunges, burpees, stretching) runs outside, biking, yoga, barre, that classic gym flow, hiking. So many wonderful fun options! 💪🚲
  3. Drinking lots of water
    With lemon of course
  4. Deep talks about life
    They are rejuvenating & good for the soul
  5. Spirituality
    Feeling connected, grounded, and free 🙏
  6. Feeling productive
    Getting to relax feels so much more appreciated when you are productive before! Whether it's studying, cleaning, working, exercising, reading, brain storming, writing lists, just do something that makes you feel accomplished.
  7. Shopping
    There I said it
  8. Getting ready
    Instead of rolling out of bed and not giving a f***. A little bit of effort goes a long way. 💄👗👑👠
  9. Lots of ripe, water-rich, sugary fruit
  10. Exploring
    Whether it's your hometown or a new place or the freaking forest! Walk into new stores, try new restaurants, hike a trail you've never done before. Keep life fresh and exciting
  11. Being silly
    Don't be so serious 😜
  12. Dancing
    Get that heart pumping and that blood flowing, turn up your favorite jam and pretend you are a rock star 💃
  13. Pampering yourself
    Do your nails, put a mud mask on, and get that spa playlist going 💅
  14. A fresh haircut
    Pantene commercial here I come 💇
  15. Getting new Insta followers
    I know this is trivial but I mean I'm being honest. Also getting likes is pretty cool too.
  16. Receiving compliments
    You know you love getting them too. So give them freely and compliments will find their way back to you
  17. Reading inspirational quotes
    -Insert inspirational quote here-
  18. Natural cruelty free products