Oct. 15th
  1. Why is it I spend an excessive amount of money on food but not buy a shirt that's $20?
    Ugh seriously! It's either my fridge or my wardrobe that's thriving. Never both.
  2. What major breakthrough will be accomplished in my lifetime?
    We are advancing so fast in some areas such as science. What will happen in the next 60 years?!
  3. I rely on my phone too much
    When I was in the (long ass) line at Chipotle and coming up with list ideas (this app has me obsessed) and couldn't write them all down bc my phone died. Some of those thoughts will never be recovered. Blame the guilty iPhone battery- not me. (Sorry I forgot to charge it last night!)
  4. Is this real life or am I dreaming/ hallucinating?
    How do you really know?! Okay movies like "A Beautiful Mind" and "Shutter Island" totally screw me up
  5. Is every leaf unique like every snowflake?
    Um probably. Bc Mother Nature is pretty awesome.
  6. Why oh why do I want a $120 pair of nikes?!
    I have rent to pay at the end of the month! And of course blew my last paycheck on food.. Refer to point #1
  7. What the heck am I going to do after college with my Psych degree?!
    My fault for changing my major a dozen times.. Oops!