Airport musings

  1. Airport bests:
  2. Getting there early and comfortably killing time
    People watching, silently yelling at the bad wifi, airport shopping, general chilling.
  3. Travelling light
    Often under appreciated
  4. Aisle seats
    Bonus: lots of overhead storage room for the bag you just got away from needing to check in
  5. Whizzing by security
  6. Good destination endpoint
    Makes for a good airport experience: flying south for a summer seminar on the aquatic ape hypothesis; Makes for a bad experience: flying 17 hours for your third cousin's daughter's aunt's funeral
  7. Not having to get up mid flight to use the washroom
  8. Good inflight entertainment
    Could mean a good movie, could mean the interesting young guy across the aisle
  9. Airport worsts:
  10. Having to take out your laptop at security
    AND it needs its own tray?! I assure you the most incriminating thing on my laptop is-
  11. Expensive airport/airplane food
    - eg, $cold $turkey $sandwiches
  12. Middle seats
  13. Not being able to lift your heavy luggage into the overhead cabin
  14. Being late
    Bad anywhere, actually