The Commute, part 1

  1. My everyday commute until the end of summer will be as follows:
  2. 4 bus rides
    One with a very short layover time, so a must run, must catch
  3. 2 SkyTrain rides
    Analogous MoT include the metro, the tube, the subway
  4. 2 Ferry rides
    An (expensive) change of scenery
  5. 36 minutes of walking
  6. 30 min wait time
  7. 2.5 hours on the road one way, 5 hours total round way
    Give an hour if I screw something up, take an hour of my life if that ever happens
  8. But despite this, I can't complain because:
  9. The early wake up call forces me to sleep at a decent time
  10. Many people do a similar distanced daily commute at my school
    I'm just getting a taste of their hussle. AND they have to worry about schoolwork. Thank god I don't.
  11. It gives me a lot of time to listen to @john's entire discography
    And lyric dissect and rediscover old gems
  12. The people at work are great, so it's a welcoming destination to think about
  13. At least I have a job
    Remind me of this bliss again in 2 years
  14. When buses come on time and ferries don't get held back because of crew members sleeping in, it can be a very relaxing travel
    Even in the morning rush
  15. But most of all...
  16. It gives me a lot of time to observe, brood, and overthink
  17. Which means...
  18. Lots and lots and lots more lists, motherheckers
    To the 1 person and 1 spam account that follow me, stay tuned (and thank you💖)