Making a list about lists because why not
  1. Built-in drafts
  2. Clean layout highlights creators
    The interface is comfortingly familiar to me as a Tumblr power-user, and at the same time solves Tumblr's problem with surfacing/highlighting creators (which Tumblr has tried to fix lately, but poorly).
  3. Suggestions seem a good way to crowdsource posts
    Tumblr has this issue of having long, clunky threads where people correct/add to posts, which are easily missed as there is no canonical version of the additions.
  4. Suggested lists to make
    Prompts were one of my favourite Livejournal things. Also reminds me of dearly departed app Bagcheck.
  5. Interface is still a little clunky
    I love the minimalism and the popping animations. That said difference between linespacing in summaries on the timeline/dashboard (what's it called in this app?) and on the list itself throw me off a little. Adding descriptions to lists also a bit weird at first; we'll see if I get used to it.
  6. Smooth content creation
    I didn't even notice typing this huge wall of text!