Note: past tense. Also, this list could also be renamed "types of guys I don't want to date"
  1. The superstar athlete basketball player who now plays in the NBA
    You can guess why that one ended..
  2. The guy who was basically just on a break with his ex
    Yea I'm sure you were really convinced that you wouldn't go running back to her the second she asked..
  3. The guy that gets way too attached too soon.
    This is the type that says "I love you" after 1 month and cries when you don't say it back
  4. The guy that only wants to "Netflix and chill"
    tbh I didn't want more than that either ijs
  5. The guy that is way more insecure than me (hard to do) and threatens to do unspeakable things if you break up with him
  6. Next list: type of guy I want to date