1. Everyone knows Nigeria
    Whether for good or bad, you have all received at least one email purporting to be from one of us. We hope you were greatly rewarded for your services.
  2. Nigerians are industrious
    I dare you to think of any business idea, any profession, any specialty, and I can bet you we can find at least one Nigeria in that profession (legitimately or otherwise)
  3. When you think your life couldn't get worse you visit Nigeria
    People often complain about the poor state of education, or welfare or healthcare. We don't complain- we have it all. Our welfare is our extended family, our healthcare is also based on our extended family... And our education well... You can quickly complete a four year program in seven years and then spend another two years waiting for your results- unless someone in your extended family is an educator.
  4. You learn to count in thousands at a young age
    When a slice of cake costs 1000Naira you have to start learning your thousands and millions quickly... And yes becoming a millionaire is not as exciting to us as it is to you.
  5. No matter what we believe tomorrow will be better
    Perhaps it's a factor of it just can't get worse... But we tend to believe and hope for a brighter future.
  6. (Bonus) We are well travelled
    If you want anything of quality you have to travel out of the country. Is it education, or health, or even food...