1. Martini
    WE CAN (almost) GO HOME
  2. Wrap
  3. Crafty
    AVOID. It's like going to 7/11. But everything is free. IT WILL RUIN YOUR BODY/LIFE BUT IS ALSO THE BEST THING EVER.
  4. Catering
    This is healthy, right?
  5. Talent
    Not necessarily an accurate term
  6. Rolling
    Not as fun as taking ecstasy. Be quiet and don't move. Unless you're an actor, than DO YOUR THING!
  7. Lunch
    Could be at 10 AM, midnight, or anywhere in between.
  8. 10-1
    I'm peeing
  9. Honey Wagon
    NOTHING TO DO WITH HONEY. or wagons. I'll leave it at that.
  10. Hot/Cold Brick
    Find a PA
  11. Call sheet
    Everything you need to know until tomorrow.
  12. Transpo
    We would be nowhere without it. Literally.
  13. Bogie
  14. PA
    Not Pennsylvania. Or personal assistant. There is one always lurking in the shadows.
  15. 20
    Where u at????
  16. Condor
    Like a bird. If it was enormous and mechanical and on wheels.