As much as I want to be the Michael Bluth, I am unabashedly Lindsay (also not sure why they are all blonde women I really need to work on diversifying my identity
  1. Izzie Stevens- Grey's Anatomy
    okay maybe this one is just the name but I'd like to think I would be a badass doctor who really emotionally connects with her patients (but she cuts the LVAD and that's unethical so she sucks)
  2. Lynette Scavo- Desperate Housewives
    you start thinking the Lynette is awesome and just an overworked stay at home mom but then at the end she sabotages Tom's career and just totally changes but idc I still love her ok
  3. Betty Draper- Mad Men
    okay she sucks but she's miles better than Peggy I just can't with Peggy okay
  4. Lindsay Bluth- Arrested Development
    i refuse to justify this one
  5. Angela from The Office
    such a negative downer!! but she's neat and tidy and organized (also another blonde woman, whoops)
    Suggested by @taylord
  6. Paris Gellar from Gilmore Girls
    Horribly unaware and self-aware all at the same time. At least she owns her psychosis.
    Suggested by @mavi_acumennial