Other than the fact that I'm too old for that...
  1. Facebook is cruel
    After my most painful breakup, fb kept suggesting my ex-boyfriend's new gf as someone I might want to be friends with. Repeatedly. In her profile picture he's got his arms around her and they're smiling. Ugh...
  2. Facebook encourages stalking
    Once had someone stalk me outside a bathroom to take my photo because I wouldn't let him take a picture of me for fb
  3. Facebook makes me feel nosy even when I'm not
    My niece posted photos taken at my ex-husband's wedding and I couldn't help but look. Our split might have been amicable and yet there was something intrinsically icky about looking at his new wedding pics
  4. Facebook messes with your priorities
    A girl I knew, an acquaintance, chose to de-friend me on Facebook rather than to take down a photo of me she had posted thereby giving the impression we were friends in real life.
  5. Facebook in unprofessional
    When I started on Fb, my friends and I posted a ton of old pics of us in high school drinking and partying. It's all fun until your customers or your parents find you and request to be friends...
  6. Facebook is creepy
    While most people like to brag about their (fake) perfect life on Fb, others have no shame. Like the friend of a friend who posted pics of her daughter in a coma. Who does that?!? (She recovered)
  7. Facebook is complicated
    How do you say no to your coworkers who try to friend you? No, I don't want you to see my vacation pictures and have a mental image of me in a bikini!
  8. Facebook just can't let go
    TWO YEARS after quitting Facebook, my doctor sat me down to explain that he does not take friends requests from patients. "I'm not on Facebook, but even if I were, I wouldn't ask you." I said. "And I wouldn't accept" he replied. And then he showed me his laptop and there we were, friends on Facebook. How totally creepy is that?!?