Inspired by @dustinboone. Trying to get out of my list funk so I'm just copying everyone else
  1. Anxiety
  2. Boobs
    they're big, everyone likes to talk about it
  3. Cancer ♋️
  4. Dick Pic Afficianado
  5. Early to everything
  6. Feminist
  7. Going to add you on Snapchat when drunk
  8. Happiest when at brunch
  9. Industrial strength binge drinker
  10. Just taking it one day at a time
  11. Known to fight everyone about everything
  12. Low Carb
  13. Most definitely going to talk through the movie
  14. Never asks for help
  15. Over laugh tracks
    I'm looking @ you "The Ranch"
  16. Probably going to fail physics
  17. Quiet observer, except when being really loud
  18. Ready for anything
  19. Somehow became her father
  20. Two cats
    Captain and Mo
  21. Under appreciated
  22. Violently passionate about everything and nothing
  23. Workaholic
  24. X-Files
  25. Yield
    Best bar on the east side
  26. Zero chill, ever