Inspired by @sky. My mom is gonna hate me for this list. Compiled from stories that were never told fully because my parents were each trying to tell their own version and ended up fighting.
  1. The year is 1980.
  2. Marylee Sargent, 25, St. Paul, MN. Lives with her husband Greg.
  3. Larry Woods, 23, Bexley, OH. Owns a sick leather jacket.
  4. Both attend a show by a local Twin Cities band, The Suburbs, at a bar.
  5. After the band has finished, groups of young adults loiter on the street smoking.
  6. Larry sees Marylee through the crowd and after a few too many beers and a lack of respect for women he decides to approach her.
  7. Larry picks Marylee up and bites her on the neck.
  8. Marylee: Put me down, I'm married
  9. Larry: Yeah, but not happily.
  10. Larry: I'm going to this party, band's gonna be there, wanna come?
  11. Marylee: Sure
  12. They attend the party together, the band never shows up, Larry loses his leather jacket.
  13. Fast forward to 1985
  14. Marylee and Larry have been dating since. She has divorced Greg (it was a good call) and they are living together. He is kinda a dick.
  15. Marylee turns to Larry one day in their kitchen
  16. Marylee: So either we need to break up or get married so you should propose.
  17. Larry: Sure
  18. Fast Forward to 2015
  19. Marylee and Larry Woods celebrate their 30th anniversary.
  20. They love each other and their family and they are happy.
  21. At the Minnesota State Fair, early 80s. This is my favorite picture of them.
  22. At a church barbecue, late 90s/early 2000s
  23. In Charlotte, 2009.
  24. The whole family at the firstborn's wedding. 2014.