A picture is worth a thousand words. What's an emoji worth?
  1. 💃
    Salsa dancer is the most versatile of all emojis and is applicable in any and all situations. Sass? Salsa dancer. Confirmation? Salsa dancer. Automated message from Verizon Wireless telling you you've hit your data cap for the month? Salsa dancer.
  2. 🙏
    Prayer hand emoji is the exclamation mark for sincerity. It says, "I have strong feelings about this but am not like jumping up and down (!) levels of excitement about this." Most commonly used with a thank you 🙏🙏
  3. 😂
    Joy crying is so much more expressive than "lol", "haha", or "lmfao." When used properly, it's reserved for truly laugh out loud moments. Don't abuse this emoji and toss it out for slight chuckles or pity laughs. Save it for the good stuff
  4. 💁
    *head bob* Mmhmmmmm
  5. 💯
    A better version of the exclamation point
  6. 😎
    What I like best about this emoji is that I think even it is in on its self aware usage. No one uses this when they're *actually* being cool. This is always a kind of self-aware, semi joking but also actually serious if it wasn't lame to be in this moment, type of "cool" and to me the emoji's smirk says its in on the joke. For me this is the YOLO of emoji's. You only use it winkingly ironically but still kind of actually mean its real message.
  7. 🙌
    My personal distinction is that prayer hands are used for slightly more sincere and one-to-one thanks while raised hands are reserved for more generalized thanks or appreciation, typically for a third party or general entity. Ex: "Awesome, thanks for sending this over man 🙏🙏." // "Did you see The List App finally came out of beta?? 🙌"
  8. 👍
    My go-to for message acknowledgment
  9. 🐋
    Almost exclusively used in conjunction with "oh" to say "oh 🐋" ("oh well") or with 💨 to have a farting whale 🐋💨
  10. 🔥
    Your mixtape