Since I was about seven or eight.
  1. A marine biologist
    Mostly because I was infatuated with Dolphins and Whales. And generally liked swimming.
  2. A Sea World trainer.
    I suppose I'm glad I didn't pursue this.
  3. A doctor. Or a vet.
    Because I loved animals and I loved playing doctor with my stuffed animals. Now I can't stand needles and I cry when I see puppies.
  4. A Teacher
    I loved making my sisters take quizzes I created. This took up our playtime during most summers between schools, much to their demise.
  5. An actress, or just a celebrity.
    I was better at pretending I wanted to be an actress than actually being an actress. Then I decided I wanted more creative control.
  6. A producer.
    I loved the idea of being the executive authority in making a film, from start to finish. I even tried to pursue this in California. Much to my dismay, I realized the industry would never be what I wanted it to be. Lawrence Turman inspired me to pursue my dreams through a degree in public relations.
  7. To be determined 😉