1. Climate change deniers really piss me off
    I don't understand how so many people (most of which are on the far right) can deny climate change with an incredible level of ignorance. You would think when scientists and the worlds political leaders are addressing climate change that people would catch on and at least try to understand the facts.
  2. Human contribution to climate change
    The exact numbers are disputed but according to the UN panel on climate change, there is a 90% chance that human activity has contributed to climate change. I think it's safe to say humans in some way have helped to raise the temperature and levels of greenhouse gasses. No matter what the numbers actually are we have contributed. No question about it
  3. Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable
    At present, energy is cheaper using fossil fuels but that will not always be the case. Fossil fuels are finite. Every day, every new well, and every new mine bring us closer to the point when we will not be able to use the fuels at the levels we do today. While we have reserves it make sense to begin the switch to renewables. It will require a massive investment up front, but to keep similar lifestyles that we have today, it is absolutely necessary
  4. Future generations
    The irresponsibility of our parents, grandparents and recent ancestors have left millennials in incredibly tougt financial times. We know what it feels like to be fucked by things we had no say in and people who weren't thinking of the future when they made decisions. I don't want that to be the case for generations to come. We should all want them to be able to power their lives cheaper and cleaner than how we do it today. Sustainability. It's the only way to move forward.