Food places, cafes, bars, and wherever they fill my tummy up
  1. Soft Swerve
    UBE ICE CREAM. 'Nuff said
  2. So Gong Dong
    This is literally the best tofu house ever. The more spicy, the better! ;)
  3. Bubble & Sip
    Earl grey and green tea cream puffs are go to! Also their lavender latte was pretty bomb!
  4. Dim Sum Dynasty
    This is actually my first dim sum restaurant and it was a great experience! It's so cute; they bring food in carts and you pick out what you want. FAST AND DELICIOUS.
  5. Ridgewood Coffee Company
    Always a great spot to get coffee! The town is really cute to walk around too 💕👍🏽 10/010 would recommend
  6. Hidden Grounds Espresso Bar
    One of the cofounders of this coffee shop is part of my fraternity and I'm good friends with him. Such an amazing atmosphere that is both modern and engaging. And the drinks here are the bomb!