I like to use emojis in 3s usually
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    The ethereal emoji just means like positive vibes to me and I like to send it and even just seeing it on my keyboard gives me positive vibes. If it isn't my most used emoji I know I need to get over myself and be more positive
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    When I'm feeling shady or just plain rude. This one creeps up on the ethereal emoji more than I would like but like I'm a Gemini so I just have to accept me for me. This is who I am.
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    I like to send this as like a confirmation or agreement? Last year I would send it to my boss who is Mexican & he asked me if I sent it to him because of his heritage & ever since I haven't been using it but I still think she's cute and fun and carefree
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    My mom and I say "kiss kiss" when we say bye on the phone so I usually send 2 of these at the end of our texts
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    This means essential oils to me??? The swirl could be like the mist coming out of the diffuser OR the oil "neat" just like absorbing into the skin and working its magic
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    I live for it
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    I like to use this every time I type Taylor Swift™ or one of her song titles so I can protect myself from litigation
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    Cher used to use this to sign her tweets & she doesn't anymore & I miss that
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    She uses this & I read it as "chickadee". It feels super personal & I'm always like yes same Cher. When will you leak the final version of The Greatest Thing 🌚🌚🌚
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    My glow up
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    This just means YES. I'm on it. I kinda replaced 💃🏻 with 💪🏻
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    You already know
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    Idk if it's supposed to be a crab but I use it as a lobster w/ Corinne
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    If you're still reading this Google The Unicorn Song by the Irish Rovers
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    Who is she? I love her.
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    My ARTPOP could mean anything