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    A picture of me age 4 in a cowgirl Halloween costume doing the Little Monster Paws Up 13 years before Bad Romance was released 🙌🏻
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    The first picture I ever took of Lb😻 he's so tiny!!
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    This sweatshirt a friend of my cousin got for Christmas that I saved in case I want to recreate it??? (I do but idk how- this is a cry for help)
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    Bc same
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    I've had this saved so I can send it to my mom as a prank since early 2014 😂
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    My favorite reaction image of all time
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    This is Becks' cat & I don't remember his name but I love and cherish him
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    I had to recreate the pic with Lb
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    I have this memorized but I forget to use it so I love seeing it in my photo stream so I can remember & use it !
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    My brother snapped this to me saying "in my comm book" & it just like makes me emotional bc she's come so far & she's like respected ~in The Academy
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    I finally found the Will&Grace building like 2 weeks before I left NY
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    My 1st grade teacher said I was well liked & I had sparkly eyes and I thought she hated me! I faked sick all the time that year. I look at this to remember that not everyone shows affection the way I like to receive it.
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    I like to pretend Amy Poehler wrote that just for me