By the request from @emmajohnson
  1. Mimo's in Northampton
    Fucking huge slices. Order it with pesto, maybe some other topping. Pour Parmesan all over that shit.
  2. Engine House in Salem
    Flat pizza but the crust isn't too crunchy or fluffy, which is much appreciated. Very greasy, not a problem for me but a problem for some. Also very good with a bucket of Parmesan.
  3. Riverview
    Not incredible, but it's one of the only places around that does some good classic-style pizza. Get the old way if you wanna go real old school.
  4. Flying saucer in Salem
    Unique flavors and toppings! They are also sci-fi themed, which makes them hip with the pizza-lovin' youngsters. They also have good sweet potato fries.
  5. Dominos (after 8 pm)
    If you get dominos anytime before 8 pm then you've given up on pizza and I am ashamed, but late at night with some pals they're a pretty good option, that I'll always be down for.
  6. One Tru Pizza Love TBD
    I have yet to find the perfect pizza, so I'm taking a moment to appreciate the OTP I will eat in the future-the one where I will take a bite and know, this heavenly, cheesy goodness, savory sauce, and soft but crunchy crust, was meant for me.