These are my personal favorite Angels players. To qualify, athlete must have played for the Angels, and I must remember watching them.
  1. Honorable Mention: Bo Jackson
    My favorite athlete of all time - falls to HM on this list because he only played for the Angels for one forgettable, strike shortened year.
  2. More Honorable Mentions: Troy Glaus, Scott Spiezio, David Eckstein, Adam Kennedy, and various other members of 2002 championship team
    Love you guys, each and every one of you.
  3. (10) Troy Percival
    A good closer who kept things fun by refusing to wear any sort of corrective lenses even though he clearly could not make out home plate from the mound.
  4. (9) Gary Disarcina
    The first ball player whom I actually appreciated for his defensive prowess in spite of his weak bat.
  5. (8) Chili Davis
    A fun player on some bad teams. Can't recall him ever playing the field, always at the DH.
  6. (7) Chuck Finley
    Gritty SP on some bad teams. He made every fifth game worth watching.
  7. (6) Jim Abbott
    As a kid, I only had so much attention span for ballgames, but I loved it when my dad took me to an Abbott start. I watched him so closely, I was in awe at how quick his glove change was.
  8. (5) Garret Anderson
    The stache - need I say more?
  9. (4) Darin Erstad
    The best team captain in Angels history, and he didn't need some announcement from management to make it official. Gold gloves at CF and 1B.
  10. (3) Vladimir Guerrero
    Best FA acquisition for the Angels in my lifetime. Just wish we would have given him another year or two contract extension, there'd be no doubt what hat he'd wear in the HOF.
  11. (2) Mike Trout
    The best ball player to suit up in the Halo red, but ...
  12. (1) Tim Salmon
    ... What can I say, there is only one king fish. He never let the team down, never embarrassed the organization, and always showed up to play, even while his wife battled cancer. Oh yeah, he also anchored the only World Series championship in Angels history. He's Mr. Angel for a reason.