The very worst in biscuit hell
  1. Ginger Nuts
    Satan's pancakes, ask Satan for a pancake and what you'll get is one brick hard varicose veined wtf cookie.
  2. Bourbon Creams
    jfc the promise of chocolate in these is literally a violation of the Trade Description Act, it's sugary biscuit that tastes a lot like *biscuit* in a really nondescript way.
  3. Fig Rolls
    Satan's pigs in a blanket and I can't even with how gross fig rolls are, they're in the same league as chestnut puree no way can anyone justify it's existence.
  4. Rich Tea
    Praises due to the Highest Overpower I got over a rich tea biscuit addiction in 2006, swallowing those things dried up my insides for months, I lose a 1/4 pint of saliva just thinking about them.