1. Wuthering Heights
    My first experience of a character's emotions showing me something real about my own life.
  2. The Goldfinch
    I read the first forty pages holding my breath, and I love the way the obsession with the painting manifests -I used to visit the one Velasquez painting everyday for three months, this one little droplet of water was mesmerising. And if I'd had that painting in my bag/wardrobe/bedroom I would've given in to each and every craving to view it one more time.
  3. On Attaining Buddhahood
    A lecture by Daisaku Ikeda on one of my favourite gosho writings -I read it every day for a month, I feel like I know it intimately and when I read Mr Ikeda's thoughts on it I'm revived.
  4. The Quantum Thief
    I wonder how the ideas around privacy and security will read in ten years and if I'm on my desert island post-singularity that'll be a new perspective. The second and third books don't really match what the author achieves with the first, I'd rather read it three times in succession than have the other two in my DIR Collection.
  5. Paradise
    It's really a toss up between this and Jazz, but I just love Paradise more.
  6. Shakespeare Sonnets
    I haven't read any but whenever someone's quoted one I've thought I'd enjoy getting to know them.
  7. Raise High The Roofbeam Carpenters
    This is the Salinger that I like the most.
  8. Imperial Radch trilogy
    Everyone's a she in this space epic.
  9. Mourinho Autobiography
    For what I don't know about his career.