It's only been two weeks and I'm having the convo with myself about replacing my MBA with an iPad Pro because Pencil...
  1. Zen Brush
    My non existent calligraphy skills do not stop me from experiencing the flow from brush to page. This is one of those apps that's enhanced by the Apple Pencil, using it together with Zen Brush is kinda therapeutic.
  2. Paper
    On my iPhone it's a smartly designed app for visual annotations, on the iPad Pro it enables creativity and collaboration. People I've introduced Paper to this week have immediately appreciated the precision the Pencil provides. One fella has a company in China producing shoes for him, all of a sudden reworking designs over the phone gets him the results he needs much faster.
  3. Elevate
    Brain training with awesome UI and I really like the attention to details, it has kool animation and sound design.
  4. Crossy Road
    Another game that's good with the Pencil.
  5. Spark
    Easy video editing -does the heavy lifting and gets out of the way.
  6. Good Notes
    A friend sent me her soup recipe as a pdf and I can hand write on it and highlight stuff because I've finally found an application that makes PDFs less shitty to work with. Also, the OCR capability behind it is very kool.