Heart smile magic
  1. Madrid
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    It's my first night in Madrid -I'm there to escape THE ROYAL WEDDING only to find my host's girlfriend is enthralled by the whole thing and has it on to constantly. Spain idolised it's monarchy. It was a long journey and at 8pm I'm starving, none of the places I want to eat in are open so I end up in a Chinese restaurant. The only person in there and I end up ordering chips & meat and I don't eat meat like I don't speak Spanish or Chinese and none of the staff speak English, then they walk in...
  2. Tate Modern
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    The garden outside is a fine place to be.
  3. The Water Seller of Seville
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    My favourite Velasquez -for that single drop of water. That time I worked in a gallery that had this painting on display for three months and pretty much every day I'd pay it a visit and disappear in to that water droplet.
  4. Great UI
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  5. Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea!
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    Wasn't that long ago that Chelsea FC made me deliriously happy...good times *sniff*
  6. African superheroes
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    How we roll in Zimbabwe is to take a thing and make it our own on our terms, a lot of cultures excel at this across Africa.
  7. Suzy Carmichael!
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    Rugrats. That. Is. All.
  8. The Spaceman Wedding Suit
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    Fella on the far right expresses "shamwari are you sure?".
  9. Prince
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    "Like albums BLACK LIVES MATTER." -Prince is everything
  10. Avenue
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    The 88 bus stop behind Tate Britain.
  11. Alexander McQueen exhibition catalogue
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    The retrospective had me in tears at first, hadn't figured that I'd gone there to mourn but ultimately it was a transcendental experience.