Inspired by @ayankee4ever
  1. African Madonna
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    This by Studio Muti gives Black Queen realness, I forget who commissioned them to do this, it's been my phone wallpaper for a few years now.
  2. Suzy Carmichael
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    I mmean I wanna go back and rewatch Rugrats at some point because I don't think I truly appreciated the awesomeness that is Suzy Carmichael. i adore her resting on bitch face it's so supreme.
  3. Summer!
    Tweeted about summer shoes or summat last year and these are my favourites <3
  4. Go Back!
    This came down the tl at an ungodly time when sleep was curving me hard...I cackled really loud...I was just glad to still feel alive.
  5. The groom
    Everyone's body language here omg
  6. Space
    I have this Workflow recipe that pulls a shot from NASA every day and I love this.