Civil protest via a Stay-Away 06/07/16, the country stayed home.
  1. Government delays June salaries to July
    The government has run out of money and announced a salary and pension payment schedule delaying some people's money by three weeks.
  2. President for 36 years
    Well he was prime minister first, and then he transitioned to Prez, stands for reelection at the end of each term and fiddles the results if he needs to. Robert Mugabe is second only to Vladimir Putin in his despotic dictatorly ways. He's out lasted every opposition challenger and over the years potential successors have come and gone.
  3. Inflation was 3000%
    2008 the economy was out of control and inflation skyrocketed. Prices changed *daily* -my cousin was house hunting and a listed price on Monday would have gone up on Wednesday.
  4. Z$<US$
    Inflation was 3000%, shops were empty and people queued for 3hrs to buy a sack of sugar, prices were prohibitive so 4 or 5 folks would band together to buy a bag of sugar. The govt's response to the cash crisis was to act like the Z$ never existed and adopted the US$ as currency instead.
  5. The Z$$ vanished
    Yes. People woke up one morning and everything they had in the bank was worthless. My mum's 30yrs of savings *evaporated*...just like this *poof*
  6. 8 years later...Bond Notes
    Today not enough money is in circulation again, so let's say you buy groceries totalling $17 and you hand the cashier a US$20? You can expect your 'change' to be made up of matchsticks. Yes. Matchsticks because there are no coins to give you. As a remedy the govt plans to introduce BOND NOTES which are sure to be less valuable than the ink they're printed with. FUCK BOND NOTES THOUGH.
    The govt let us know this year that US$15 BILLION in diamond revenues got lost on it's way to the treasury.
  8. Where is the money?
    Last month the Minister of Finance's son was caught trying to leave the country with US$700 THOUSAND in cash in his car, so that's an indication of where it got lost maybe...
  9. Activists DISAPPEAR
    This list is by no means extensive...
  10. Itai Dzamara
  11. Protest
    #ThisFlag and #shutdownzim2016 are hash tags to check out.
  12. FF informative voices on Twitter
    @wamagaisa @ma_dube @ali_naka @trevorncube @dougcoltart @sharonhoole @pastorevanlive @brezhmalaba and I tweet as @jacarandachick