Covered 700 miles travelling between London and Hereford and Birmingham recently, listened to a lot of stuff and these were the standouts.
  1. Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time
    I'm a newbie #denzealot Been travelling a lot this week and I went wayyyyy back in to the archives -enjoyed this one on Man On Fire Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period: 33 Man on Fire (w/ Johnny Skourtis)
  2. Chelsea Fancast
    Really the only fan forum I'm a regular part of, on Monday night's as Chidge & his guests talk through Chelsea stuff a cohort of 50+ fans interact on Mixlr. This one is good because our season has been so shit and headline chatter about unhappy player are a daily I get a mention chelseafancast: ‘The Enemy Within’ Chelsea FanCast #332
  3. Bill Simmons Podcast
    Ha! Bill Simmons has come back stronger after leaving Grantland and two of my faces from the now defunct Grantland podcast Hollywood Prospectus are on this episode with him. The Bill Simmons Podcast: 20: Three-Man Pop Culture Podcast w/ Chris Ryan & Andy Greenwald
  4. Call Your Girlfriend
    Catching up on episodes from August, in an alternate universe Aminata & Ann and me are besties.
  5. Exponent
    Getting in to Twitter and Grantland in ways that I always appreciate for how informative the hosts are. Exponent: 058 — The Attention Market
  6. Pandolive
    Independent tech media PandoLIVE: Pandolive: November 3rd 2015