I'm not American but Black History Month still touches me and has me feeling thinking loving myself. I have these in my phone and can never delete..
  1. African Madonna
    Studio Muti were commissioned to make this, they're based in Cape Town and they pulled in elements of women from all over Africa. It's been my phone wallpaper ever since.
  2. Superheroes
    Yes we can.
  3. Nkomo & Castro
    Joshua Nkomo was for my people, a revolutionary, a leader, an anti-imperialist rebel. I knew him when I was a kid as a friend of the family, I wish I'd been grown enough to ask him what he and Castro talked about.
  4. God's walk among us
    The Senegalese Ambassador to Ireland, handing over his credentials or whatnot and eclipsing the room with his greatness.
  5. Space travellers
    WOW!! This illustration from a 70s children's book where the main character is a black girl who becomes an astronaut!
  6. Perfection
    Alek Wek is it.
  7. Stop shooting us
    I mean last year Beyoncé had things to say in the middle of a song, I found the photos of the dress rehearsal more powerful...everyone in this pic could walk off set and be shot by a cop who would get away with it.
  8. <3 Chris Ofili
    I miss seeing his work, Ofili's colour palette in his early work was the stuff of dreams and waking meditations. I would have him work on something with Steve McQueen, maybe have Oswald Boateng do the costuming.
  9. 15 years ago
    I was queen of the headwrap and my friend Jonathan took photos for his college project, I don't have the original print anymore but I found it on my Facebook roll, keeping it forever.