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There are so many others but these came to mind first. And most of these ones literally make my chest bubble because it was so funny at the time. Especially the John Wayne Gacy one. Oh my gawwwwwwd! @kellydehoop GL on your exam tomorrow 😘
  1. Watching the office in Paris
    Okay let's watch one more. At 5am. Coupled with jet lag. We just couldn't wake up at a reasonable time to sightsee Paris. Sorry mom!
  2. Playing "pioneer" women in the attic
    Or little women or little house on the prairie or something like that. Gathering all the wicker and baskets we could find in the house. Which was a lot!
  3. Hyper on thanksgiving in my student house
    We bought that "butterball" (did we even eat it? I don't remember) and were on my bed getting hyper and changed my instagram name to what it remains today "therealjacied" and cackled about giving "thanks"
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Was waiting for someone to ask @kellydehoop
  1. Black and white plaid blanket scarf
    Usually wrapped around legs like a sleeping bag on skirt days, wrapped around upper body on sleeveless days. It's important to look permanently cold at work so ppl will find you approachable and professional!
  2. My leggings that are two sizes too small
    I think they are really flattering. When I take them off you can see the seams in my legs!
  3. White boxy jersey top
    My mom recently told me to stop wearing this it looks dirty all the time
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SFO - YYZ here we go
  1. This is a diverse crew flying to Toronto!!
    So is Toronto your final destination? Are you Canadian? I noticed you have an EU passport. Good for you! Love you all!!
  2. Why is everyone here occupying the outlets already.
    Hate all these keeners. Fucking selfish.
  3. Hope I don't get one of those audio jacks where you have to hold your ear phones in place just so
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