Was waiting for someone to ask @kellydehoop
  1. Black and white plaid blanket scarf
    Usually wrapped around legs like a sleeping bag on skirt days, wrapped around upper body on sleeveless days. It's important to look permanently cold at work so ppl will find you approachable and professional!
  2. My leggings that are two sizes too small
    I think they are really flattering. When I take them off you can see the seams in my legs!
  3. White boxy jersey top
    My mom recently told me to stop wearing this it looks dirty all the time
  4. All my fall jackets
    Could not survive without: green army coat, quilted puffer, outdoorsy down puffer, white leather, black bomber, custom-made trench, etc etc etc
  5. My red leather laptop bag with gold embellishments
    It's like yeah I'm a young professional but I don't take my self too seriously and know how to have fun
  6. @kellydehoop's kits volleyball sweater
    Not only does it add to the initial impression that I am in high school but it's also a really great vintage faded navy that is SO fall 15