SFO - YYZ here we go
  1. This is a diverse crew flying to Toronto!!
    So is Toronto your final destination? Are you Canadian? I noticed you have an EU passport. Good for you! Love you all!!
  2. Why is everyone here occupying the outlets already.
    Hate all these keeners. Fucking selfish.
  3. Hope I don't get one of those audio jacks where you have to hold your ear phones in place just so
  4. Love these middle-aged white moms getting absolutely infuriated at the carry-on baggage requirements
    "This is fucking ridiculous" "I was not made aware of this beforehand" "no I do NOT have an additional bag you fart faced hoe!!"
  5. I should really pee
    But it's kinda far probably smelly gonna risk it
  6. What zone is boarding?
    Sort of afraid these flight attendants are going to yell at me for missing my zone call. Can't help but fear that uniform amiright
  7. Pretty sure everyone is oggling me as I walk to my seat.
    This is a real life runway. Why did I wear this stupid backpack.
  8. Ugh neither of these guys I'm sitting between are hot
    And both have high potential for body odour
  9. Hope they can't read this
    If you can sir hi 🙋
  10. Wow this flight attendant is pretty fluent in French!! U go girl!
    She probably speaks 3+ languages. I wonder if she thinks she's smarter than this job. I wonder if she likes her job. It's pretty hard traveling all the time. Being away from the kids. Dealing with the divorce. Trying to make time for art again..
  11. WTF the guy next to me brought sushi on board
  12. Omg these chairs don't have those mouldable head cradlers I am so fucked