From a NY gal who landed in Boston, don't worry I knew wicked was a thing before I got here
  1. Hots: hot peppers! By far my favorite, learned on lunch ordering lines and quickly incorporated into my sandwich order verbatim. New in town? Not this hots to trot lady.
  2. Dunks: Dunkin Donuts! How cute? I grew up with a DD down the block from my house on Long Island and never did we adorn this coffee staple with such a charming nickname. I'm sure I'm giving it far too much whimsy but I'll hold onto this sweet view until someone says "it's fuckin Dunks" in an aggressive manner that robs it of any softness.
  3. Calked or Cocked?!: Uber driver used this the other night when describing a slew of drunk passengers he'd picked up. When I asked him how to spell it, he wasn't quite sure. Clearly all the makings for a great native to Beantown word.