The other one started school last week, and now I have this weird but sort of consistent two hours every day.
  1. Read a few pages of THE WOUNDED BREAKFAST by Russell Edson
    I can't lie you guys, I'm not getting most of this
  2. Read tweets while soaking my feet one at a time in the sink, then clipping my nails
    It has been years since I've had time to do this by the light of day (also, sorry, this is a clear overshare)
  3. Started this list
    Can you sense I'm on deadline for a couple of freelance contracts? Procrastination is one of my strengths
  4. Finished a round of rewrites on an article
    Reaaaallllllyyyyyyy hoping they are the final set of rewrites for this article
  5. Started outlining the next article while corresponding over email with a couple of clients
    The article is not due until Thursday so this is me being amazingly proactive
  6. Heard a small voice calling for Elmo and tried to salvage the last half hour of (very needed) naptime
    Yup: bonus cuddle time with the baby
  7. Nap salvage fail
    End list