Two quick stops after the library. Great great success and home by lunch time.
  1. Celestial Seasonings
    Sampler because there was no Country Peach. Black Cherry Berry because it reminds me of this Russian tea I had in a samovar museum, which was possibly black tea sweetened with fruit preserves.
  2. Junius Cold Brew Coffee
    I can totally handle cold brewing on my own if I plan ahead, but June does it better. This stuff was a gateway to my first caffeine addiction, and a godsend when I had my second child.
  3. Capital Kombucha
    Because my husband and I made our own, one time, before realizing we're not really DIY types, especially when it's sort of icky-looking, and does anyone in DC need a mother scoby, because I think she's still hibernating in the back of my fridge??
  4. PG Tips
    @bookishclaire reminded me of my love for PG Tips and lo and behold, my regular grocery has it! I'm going to induce a serious case of nostalgia when I brew it up later.