Originally created toward the end of a 322-day deployment with the U.S. Navy. Age indicated by the weird purple halos made through interaction over time of cheap ink and scotch tape.
  1. tree
    62b34fcd a916 40ef 9c13 e6a07f0c9b44
  2. umbrella
    94fac925 915b 467b 9090 07cd2ed53bbd
  3. street lamps
    980a6146 e591 4eb8 86a2 ce4887209610
  4. fire hydrant
    5b9479cc a2bc 4a4e be75 7c7734e75d27
  5. park bench
    15cf3448 50d5 42bf 80a9 8545032032f9
  6. stoplight
    E0784d9b 4dff 43da a34c f40a2d902e72
  7. gas pumps
    523f32dd eca3 411b aff3 9c9ebf9f0f10
  8. bicycle
    80601e9c 5b55 4e14 b71a 7d64a9c2679a
  9. curbs
    31d9099d 7d8a 4726 bf44 afbc0b902f27
  10. trash bins
    5c8dd851 6922 47a0 bc8d edcb940c2bb8
  11. fountain
    F3ee3786 bdc1 4469 8491 9dc902876982
  12. shrubbery
    5095bb3c e227 4a1e bc8b e1c71902f57a
  13. stop sign
    438aa733 d0c7 4f44 ac21 1e678810e5a3