A companion to EVERY MUSICAL I'VE SEEN ON STAGE, CHRONOLOGICALLY What am I missing here? What's your favorite?
    Obviously. Best chance is probably a Kennedy Center subscription at this point. A fraction of the cost of buying a resale ticket for Broadway and I'd get to see lots of other shows in the meantime.
    I have but haven't read the novel, and perhaps more shockingly, I've only seen a few bits and pieces of the recent film adaptation.
  3. RENT
    I own the DVD and the film soundtrack but I would still love to see this one on stage. The music was on heavy rotation in my car during a commute-centric portion of my twenties.
  4. CATS
    Fun fact: I wrote a big paper in high school on T.S. Eliot, and included an analysis of OLD POSSUM'S BOOK OF PRACTICAL CATS. Yet beyond the many renditions of "Memory" I heard at piano and voice recitals in my youth, I've very little knowledge of what those poems eventually became.
    I've watched the videos of the cast singing on the subway and would go on the strength of that alone.