An interior monologue by Jacquelyn Bengfort
  1. I feel so guilty. I think I underprepared my neighbors for the brief but disruptive exterior work I'm having done on my row house that starts today.
  2. Hmm, maybe I should bake bread for the neighbors. That could smooth things over.
  3. My bread is delicious. But what if they don't eat bread?
  4. There are a lot of people these days who don't eat bread.
  5. I bet they eat bread.
  6. I mean, I eat bread and I probably come off as someone who doesn't eat bread and I would assume they do eat bread.
  7. BUT YOU GUYS, a lot of people Don't Eat Bread and it's impossible to guess. They just hide in plain sight, blending in with the general bread-consuming population.
  8. *collapses in a twitching heap*
  9. FIN.