Mid-2000s. Oxford, England.
  1. Filming can start early.
    I was pretending to attend a funeral, and I think I got out of bed before 5am, which during grad school was a rarity.
  2. Physical comfort is not a priority.
    It was cold in the chapel. Like, cold enough that I got mildly sick for a few days after. I know, I know, "being cold does not lead to colds," etc., etc.
  3. It's a repetitive process.
    I lost count of how many times the actor gave his eulogy. I almost lost consciousness. It felt glamorous at first and quickly grew boring.
  4. The pay is decent.
    I got a solid English breakfast with my cash infusion and still had a few coins in my pocket.
  5. Colin Firth really is as beautiful as you assume.
    Even from a distance and in pretend mourning.