Inspired by @Lindi
  1. Hotdish
    For casserole
  2. You guys
    Used regardless of gender, but living at the northernmost tip of the south has made "y'all" so tempting
  3. Pop
    For soda, or Coke, or whatever you call it
  4. Kitty-corner or catty-wampus
    How to describe...if I'm standing on a corner, say the corner of A Street and B Avenue, and I have to cross both of them to get where I'm going, then my destination is kitty-corner from me.
  5. Sakakawea
    You probably know her as Sacajawea. A key member of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  6. Yah?
    Mostly when I'm home and fall back into my Midwestern accent while chatting.
  7. Uff-da
    And if I'm exceptionally overwhelmed, "UFF-da MEE-ah"
  8. Bonus: my grandma calls her couch a "davenport" and ketchup "catsup."
    Is television responsible for killing off these regionalisms?